You and Us
Working together
  1. Your life - Designed to be your perfect fit

    AV Soul take the time to understand you. Your AV passions, your AV kit, your life, your home.
    It is our aim to create you a piece of furniture that is the perfect fit for your requirements – your AV Soul mate.

  2. Our expertise - Crafting perfectly fitting AV furniture since 1998

    Over the last 20 years we’ve evolved our process and grown in knowledge and skills. Our experience and expertise in creating crafted high quality stylish bespoke AV furniture cannot be matched.

  3. Your enjoyment - Engineered to deliver peak performance

    By understanding your passions and what is important to you, plus your full kit list – we work with you to conceive and create the ultimate piece of AV furniture for you. We’ll take the time to understand the ventilation requirements of your AV kit, and help you decide the best positioning for peak performance of your unique configuration.

  4. Our dedication to quality - Every detail polished to deliver AV perfection

    We’re obsessive in our attention to detail.  Superior craftsmanship meets our own passion for AV. A design engineered to deliver peak AV performance, complimented by a quality of finish that commands attention and oozes sophistication.

Perfect harmony

Design purity. AV purity.

Bespoke design

Perfect fit

Our customers come to us because they want an elegant, high quality furniture solution to house their unique configuration of AV kit. Many have realised that mass produced furniture simply doesn’t provide the right space for the types or amount of AV kit they own. With mass produced furniture – one size doesn’t fit all! Every piece of AV Soul furniture is as unique as each customer – creating a purity of design you will love.

Enhanced enjoyment

Great acoustics

Vibrations and resonance will seriously reduce your overall enjoyment of a good film or music. A well designed piece of furniture will resolve these issues, significantly reducing the resonance and improving sound quality. Our furniture is designed to have a strong rigid structure which resists rather than amplifies vibrations and resonance, ensuring optimum enjoyment of your AV passions.

Peak performance

Optimum ventilation

The purity of the visual and audio performance of your AV setup can be effected by overheating of your kit. We are able to employ various different approaches to achieve optimum ventilation for your system depending on the overall layout and design of your unique piece of furniture, helping achieve a peak performance and purity of sound and vision for your system.

Clean lines

Tidy cable management

Perfect looking furniture and an exquisite interior can soon be ruined by untidy and unruly cables. By understanding your own requirements, including where the system will live within your home, we can craft a cable management system that is either closed or open, locked down or flexible. The result – a beautiful, tidy, elegant piece of perfectly fitted furniture.

Let's make it

The process of creation

Delivering the perfect-fitted furniture in 6-8 weeks
  1. 1-2 Weeks
  2. 3-5 Weeks
    1. Build
    2. Finishing