We’ve been crafting bespoke custom fitted AV furniture and interiors from our workshop in Saltaire, Yorkshire since 1998.

Our customers love us because we understand their passion for AV and the importance of getting a perfect fit for the furniture for their home.

Our customers recognise that the mass produced ‘one size fits all’ furniture on the market really doesn’t ‘fit all’. Our customers want a high quality piece of furniture that truly meets their need. We take the time to understand our customer’s unique requirements and AV kit setup and produce a perfect, future-proofed fit for their home.

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Perfect cable management for your perfect fit AV furniture

AV Soul always work with our customers to ensure we understand the kit their AV furniture will need to house. As part of this we take into consideration the various options for cable management when designing the furniture – which may include gaps in shelving or holes in the back,… Read More