Wall mounting TVs and your furniture options

Wall mounting TVs and your furniture options

Modern TVs are lighter and thinner than ever before, which makes it easier to have them mounted on the wall – meaning you can be ever more creative with your AV furniture options including accompanying wall mounted AV units.

Of course there is still very much a place for the traditional floor standing TV unit, but in this article we’ll be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of wall mounting your TV and your your furniture considerations.

One of the big advantage of wall mounted TVs is the space it saves. With new TVs being so thin they can be secured so close to the wall, they hardly protrude at all. This can also mean you might not need to take up floor space with a table or stand although most households will also have other kit such as Digital TV/Satellite boxes, games consoles, DVD players and music consoles which will still need a tidy furniture solution and tidy cable management will will need to be considered. When wall mounting your TV, hiding electrical wires can be arranged, but you will have to employ an electrician to install in-wall fire rated wires, which is another added expense.

The main disadvantage with a wall-mounted TV is that it takes a little more effort to get things set up than with a TV stand. If you’re at all impatient or DIY-phobic, this may not be the solution for you.

Wall-mounted TVs give a sleek and modern finish and are used as the focal point of a room.

Wall mounted TVs also make it easier to achieve the optimal viewing distance and reduce the chance of eye or neck strain. You can attach the screen at a height to suit you but be careful as if placed too high on the wall, it can be uncomfortable to watch TV as you’ll be looking up at the screen. It may also be in direct sunlight from nearby windows.

Furniture recommendations when wall mounting your TV

Although wall mounting your TV has its advantages – as demonstrated in our article it also throws up some challenges. We are also of the opinion that you potentially miss out on what can be one of the most characterful pieces of furniture for your living space. Having been used to TV units being such a focal point of any living space for so long, it’s surprising how much you miss the AV/TV unit when your TV finds a new home on the wall!

However, if you opt for wall mounting your TV we suggest a few options which are both practical and which offer the opportunity of bringing back some character to your room with a stylish piece of furniture.

Wall mounted AV units

Wall mounted “floating” AV units make for a perfect complimentary contemporary AV furniture solution for wall mounted TVs. The combination of floating TV and floating unit create a very stylish modern look while providing the opportunity for lots of storage for you AV kit, but also doubling up as a traditional sideboard.

You can take a look at some of the wall mounted floating AV units we’ve designed and built for customers in their dedicated gallery: https://www.avsoul.co.uk/av-furniture/positioning/wall-mounted-floating


Media walls

Media walls take things a slight step up from a simple floating AV unit – by combining additional floating elements including shelving. Media walls can exude the peak in modern contemporary design and allow you to really make a statement with your living spaces interior styling.

You can take a look at some of the media walls we’ve designed and built for customers in their dedicated gallery: https://www.avsoul.co.uk/av-furniture/type/media-wall


AV cabinet

Smaller and more practical than full TV/AV units, an AV cabinet can act as the perfect stylish solution for hiding away the various set top boxes and AV kit if you opt to wall mount your TV.

You can take a look at some of the AV cabinets we’ve designed and built for customers in their dedicated gallery: https://www.avsoul.co.uk/av-furniture/type/av-cabinet

Would you like a floating AV unit, media wall or floor standing AV cabinet?

We hope our article has given you food for thought in terms of your furniture options when wall mounting your TV – do get in touch to see how we can help create you a perfect piece of furniture for your AV kit and AV passions, floating or otherwise!