Perfect cable management for your perfect fit AV furniture

AV Soul always work with our customers to ensure we understand the kit their AV furniture will need to house. As part of this we take into consideration the various options for cable management when designing the furniture – which may include gaps in shelving or holes in the back, or removable back panels for easy access to the rear of equipment and cabling. But design alone can’t organise what can become a tangled mess if not managed properly. With this in mind, we hope you’ll enjoy and follow some of the tips we’ve compiled for cable management.

Cable colour

If you are in the position of setting up afresh, or could consider investing in some new cabling, it might be a good idea to consider colour-coding. Red, blue and yellow cables are often cheaper than plain black, meaning you might actually save some money at the same time as avoiding the confusion as to which device and cable connects to which.

Cable size

Having cables of the correct thickness/length is not only important if you want to avoid a mess of cables behind the TV but a tangle of cables can also cause damage through stretching and bending, leading to poor audio and video quality.
Sometimes you might try and stretch cables along the back of the TV while other cables hang comfortably to the floor. Getting the right length cable to span the distance between two devices may sound like common sense, but often it’s time or budget that make us take short cuts which effect both the aesthetics and performance of our system. By carefully planning upfront how you plan to house your kit in/around your bespoke furniture, you’ll be best placed to invest in any right additional cabling that will suit your new setup.

Try kink-free cable

Kink-free cables enclosed in fabric sheaths can help ensure we keep all cabling neat and tidy and can also save a lot of time in untangling thin speaker wires, optical cables and any other thinner cables that can easily curl up and knot. Kink free cabling can be more expensive, so it is advisable to take extra care to measure the exact distances you intend to span the cabling across.

Try a swivel HDMI coupler

If your TV is mounted close to a wall, there’s a good chance the HDMI cables will have been forced to bend. A swivel HDMI coupler is a great solution for this problem and will keep your cables away from the wall, running smoothly down the back of the TV.

Let’s get you the perfect fit

We hope these tips help you achieve a mess and tangle free AV setup. If you’ve compromised on the AV Furniture in your home – do get in touch to see how we can help create you a perfect piece of furniture for your AV kit and AV passions.