Designing the perfect custom-made DJ stand

As well as specialising in custom-made AV units, AV Soul have often been commissioned to create elegant custom-made DJ stands and DJ tables for clients. AV Soul were recently commissioned to design a custom-made DJ stand / unit incorporating vinyl storage for a DJ client. Using this project as a case study highlights some of the important design decisions and features to produce an elegant future-proofed solution – turning what can end up being a cumbersome eyesore, into a beautiful piece of furniture that is a perfect fit for a home.

A little background

Our client owns a DJ and pro-audio equipment store. As well as playing his music in the store he wanted to be able to take his music and DJ passion home with him but his wife didn’t want a “big ugly piece of chipboard furniture in the lounge”. A compromise was met if he could seek to design and create a DJ unit / DJ booth that was nice to look at, functional and hid all his vinyl records/kit etc. Our client found AV Soul – and we sought to create him (and his wife) a custom-made DJ unit that would be a perfect fit for their home.


The DJ stand design

The unit features 6 full extension drawers housing over 1000 records. A front panel covers the headphones jack and is removable – attached by super strong magnets making it easy to install the decks and access the jack. The top section of the DJ unit can be changed and custom-built to fit any mixer and is interchangeable if at a later date the client decides to swap to a different sized mixer or deck configuration. Behind the record drawers there is cable management keeping all the unsightly wires hidden which would otherwise spoil the lounge interior. The client’s wife was so happy with the design, we ended up making a TV/AV unit for the other side of the room to match.

You can see the unit’s specification on its dedicated page in our design gallery: https://www.avsoul.co.uk/av-furniture/contemporary-reclaimed-oak-dj-vinyl-storage-unit
And some of our other DJ/vinyl storage solution examples here – https://www.avsoul.co.uk/av-furniture/type/vinyl-storage.


Design your own DJ furniture

We know that DJs have their very own unique setups – and, as DJ technologies move at speed, their setup also has to be flexible and changing. Vinyl of course in recent years has had somewhat of a renaissance, so many DJs still incorporate the industry staple Technics Decks, but these often need to be combined with CDJ stands, laptop stands and of course space to store vinyl and other media. Whatever your current setup, we can design a perfect fit for you according to your specifications, with mixers, turntables, CDJs, space for your laptop, controller and other DJ devices, but with the flexibility for wherever the latest technology and new kit takes you in the future. We can design for turntable and CDJ options including but not limited to decks from Technics, Vestax, Stanton, Pioneer and DJ mixers from Allen & Heath, Ecler, Denon, Numark, Pioneer and Rane.

Let us create your perfect fit DJ furniture

We can design a unit where all wires, power and audio ports are hidden inside the unit itself. We specialise in luxurious solid wood furniture, but can also work with wood veneers or finish in matt or glossy lacquer finishes. Custom built for any DJ’s specific needs. We can assist in creating a custom DJ unit to perfectly suit your DJ devices and that is sympathetic to the interior design of your home or studio.

If you’d like us to help you design and build your perfect fitted custom-made DJ unit, get in touch using the quote form or using one of the methods on our contact page.