Architecting the perfect AV furniture and interior design

Although AV Soul primarily work with direct customers to help them design the perfect fitted AV furniture – we also act as the perfect partner and collaborator for Architects and Interior Designers.

This last month saw us delivering our latest collaboration with London Architects and Interior Designers Heckman Design. We truly relish these collaborations as they add an even greater opportunity for us to create a perfect fit of furniture for the homes the furniture is to be created for.


AVSoul design collaboration with Heckman Design. Photograph by Paul Riddle.


When working directly with customers – we take time to understand not only the customer’s direct requirements, but we also take the time to understand their home – the room style, the décor – so that we can craft our AV furniture design to ‘feel at home’ – complementing, nay enhancing the room. More often than not – the furniture we design becomes such a part of the home, in fact family, that our customers come back to us wanting us to craft more furniture to enhance the rest of their home.

Working with interior designers and architects gives an even greater opportunity for us to design furniture that is totally integrated into a carefully crafted and skilfully designed house or room. Seeing our furniture as an integrated part of a newly realised vision gives us a great amount of satisfaction and pride in our work.

We believe our knowledge and experience of creating practical, functional but highly stylish tailored AV furniture make us a perfect collaborator for architects and designers – by utilising our expertise they have the confidence they are installing furniture that is fit for the home and fit for the job – delivering a peak AV performance with panache!

Perfect past collaborations

Here’s a list of some our perfect fitting past collaborations along with links to their dedicated pages on the AV Soul website…

We’ve also worked on projects with the Design Emporium based in Apperley Bridge and are a frequent collaborator with interior designer ‘Sarah Gordon Home’.

Architects and Interior Designers – Why not collaborate with AV Soul?

AV Soul can be your perfect fitting partner in the design process. We’d love to hear from any architects or designers who are looking for collaborators to work on furniture design to perfectly meet their vision for the homes they are transforming, creating or renovating. Do get in touch at contact@www.avsoul.co.uk.


AVSoul design collaboration with interior designers Sturman & Co