Wise men and women follow 5 star reviews. Love for our AV furniture creations.

Everyone is gearing up for Christmas but here at AV Soul we get to celebrate special births every week! 

(Featured photograph shows Brian Crichton’s 5 star reviewed furniture)

Nothing brings more joy than a new birth in the family.  Although not as adorable as a beautiful bouncing baby – the philosophy behind AV Soul’s creative process is such that we strive to create a piece of furniture for our clients that truly feels their own – a perfect new addition to the family (home). We work with customers collaboratively, giving birth to their ideas in the design process and sharing the progress as their furniture starts to take shape.  With this in mind, it is perhaps no surprise that our customers truly love the furniture we produce for them, and… thankfully give gushing reviews of the new addition to their family home.  We thought we’d take the opportunity in this month’s blog to share some of the most recent kind words that have been bestowed upon the furniture we’ve created.

“We had a piece of AV furniture made to fit our specifications and it looks fantastic! We were given some great advice on different design aspects and finishes, so the end result looks great and also met our budget and timescales. We’re really pleased with the end result and would highly recommend AV Soul.”
Carolyne Hunt – 5* Facebook review (view on facebook)


(Image shows Carolyne Hunt’s 5 star reviewed furniture)


“We bought a media unit from AV Soul after seeing their work on Pinterest. Absolutely great service from start to finish including sharing photos and allowing us to collaborate on the bespoke design as we went along.
The end product is fantastic quality – highly recommend!”
Nick Blake – 5* Google review (view on google)

“Custom AV cabinet met all expectations. Great dialogue as design was developed. Great workmanship.”
Brian Crichton – 5* Facebook review (view of facebook)

“Beautiful AV unit, crafted from reclaimed floor boards. The furniture was perfectly made to meet my own measurement and specification requirements.”
Karen Cooper – 5* Houzz review (view on houzz)

“I recently purchased a bespoke piece of av furniture and I can say it was a pleasure from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble and the furniture was excellent. I would recommend anyone who needs a quality piece of furniture that completely fits their requirements to contact AV Soul. The price was also good value for a hand made bespoke product.”
Stephen Thirlwall – 5* Houzz review (view on houzz)

“Great job from the team! They made me a stunning 1 piece wall hanging AV unit in walnut. They even came and fitted it for me, excellent service and product, highly recommended!”
Ben Hughes – 5* Houzz review (view on houzz)


(Image shows Ben Hughes’ 5 star reviewed furniture)

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If you are an AV Soul customer, or bought from us when we were called Stump Furniture, we’d love to receive your reviews of our products and services.  It’s really quick and easy to review on Google, Facebook and Houzz – and to make it even easier here are some links to their dedicated AV Soul review pages:

Let’s create something together!

From the minute we are contacted by a potential customer we work as closely as possible with them to ensure that what we create for them feels very much their own creation – the customer injecting their own passion, enthusiasm and soul into their AV Soul creation. If you’d like a new addition to your home, a perfect fit for your AV passions, AV kit and designed to complement your uniquely styled home, please do get in touch.